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Webflex Machines is popular manufacturer of top quality Coating Machines in India and these Coating Machines are exported worldwide.. Our R & D team has developed these machines from heat resistant metal using modern technology. These coating machines are popular with our customers due to its durability, smooth functioning and its price. We have been successfully exporting these coating machines throughout the world.

We manufacture following range of Coating Machines-

  • VMCH Coating Machines:
  • VMCH coating is done on Aluminium Foil. Colouring or Lacquering is of Aluminium, Metallized Film. We provide Unwind Air Shaft with safety chuck so that it can easily have parent Rolls wound on Core Centers. Another provision we have made for customers is of Trolley Type Unwinder Unit with Auto EPC and Auto Tension Controls. Click here for more details of VMCH Coating Machines.

  • PVDC Coating Machines:
  • PVDC Coating Machine from our repertoire is one of the popular machines amongst our customers. This coating machine is manufactured indigenously and hence can be customized as per customer’s requirement. It is used for various PVDC Coating applications. Click here for more details of PVDC Coating Machine.

  • Coating Lamination Machines:
  • Coating Lamination Machine designed & manufactured for different kind of applications i.e. silicon coating, adhesive coating for tapes & stock labels, consumer wrap grade lamination for packaging, heat sealable coating blister foils, paper etc., NCR coating etc. Click here for more details of Coating Lamination Machines.

    Apart from coating machines please do visit our webpage featuring details of Laminating Machines.

    We look forward to your valued enquiry of any of the above Coating Machines.




    Since 1987 WEB FLEX MACHINES have thrived & flourished amidst cut-throat competition. Made mark in the National & International market. Superior quality Flexible Packaging Machines. Suit different need, budgets & constraints. Indigenously designed by well qualified engineers. Reliable, accurate and cost-effective. A league ahead of any existing reputed brand. Simple designs, user friendly technology, wide range. Unparalleled after sales services. Used widely in India and in other countries from Asia, Middle East & Africa. Installation & commission anywhere in the world by Web Flex representatives.


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